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From the troposphere to the exosphere, study the atmosphere. Topics include the ozone layer, magnetosphere, and weather.

Geology Science


Geology is the study and science of Earth’s land forms. This includes how they were created, have changed over time, and how they will evolve.

Life Science


Biology works with time, disease, ecosystems, and why we are here today. It also works on different scales like individual atoms to the entire biosphere.

Earth Science Career


If you are interested in a career in environmental science, there are lots of opportunities available. Find out how diverse the field is.

Outer Space


Space is beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It applies the concepts from physics, biology, and geology to explain our planet’s origin and evolution.

Ocean Science

Water Science

Water is all around us. From oceans to freshwater lakes, this field studies everything from deep ocean water life to the flow of currents.



What Is the Mesosphere?

Highlights of the mesosphere include: (1) Air is very thin (2) It’s the coldest region of the atmosphere close to -100°C and (3) It’s where…


domains of life

What Are the 3 Domains of Life?

We categorize life into 3 domains of life: eukarya, archaea and bacteria. Domains classify life in the most general way such as the presence of…


Branches of Astronomy

17 Branches of Astronomy

Astronomy is all-encompassing that studies matter outside of Earth. The branches of astronomy are astrophysics, astrometry, astrogeology and astrobiology.
Meteorologist Career

What Do Meteorologists Do?

Meteorologists partake in weather prediction. They understand atmospheric chemistry and physics and how they relate to weather and climate patterns.


Grand Canyon Age

How Was the Grand Canyon Formed?

Like a stack of pancakes, younger rock layers pile on top of older layers. We use the law of superposition to reveal Earth’s age and…

The Pedosphere: Soil on Earth

The pedosphere is like the “skin of Earth”. Just like your skin, it has a thin outer surface. It also has pore spaces and dries…


Ocean Wave Reverberation

Why Does the Earth Hum?

Seismometers always record periodic noise. Once mysterious in nature, we attribute Earth hum to ocean waves crashing into continents, vibrating like a bell.
Spheres of Earth

The 17 Spheres of Earth

How many spheres of Earth exist on Earth? If you count them all, you would get about 17 of them. This is the definitive guide…