Earth Facts

100 Earth Facts: The Big List of Facts About Earth

Earth needs no introduction. From its origin to its inevitable future, the story of Earth is greatest story ever told. Get started with this list of 100 Earth facts.

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What Is the Troposphere?

The troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere. It starts at ground level and extends upwards to about 13 km. All weather occurs in the troposphere.

Earth’s Cycles

Read the story of Earth’s cycles

Earth Cycles
Earth Stats
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How does Earth size up?

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Coriolis Effect

Coriolis Effect: Air Circulation in the Atmosphere

The Coriolis effect is the deflection of air due to Earth’s rotation. Air veers to the right in the northern hemisphere. And vice versa south of the equator.

Earth Interior Layers

Inside Earth: The Crust, Mantle and Core

All planets have layers. Inside Earth, we have a crust, core and mantle. Imagine a team of drillers who set out to drill a hole to the other side of Earth.

Branches of Geology

What is Geology? 37 Branches of Geology

What are the branches of geology? It can be divided in different ways. We divide fields into tectonics, sedimentology, topography, chronology & astrogeology

Types of Rocks

What Are the 3 Types of Rocks?

Earth is covered with these 3 types of rocks are: (1) sedimentary rocks (2) metamorphic rocks and (3) igneous rocks. How they are different from each other?

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks: Heat, Pressure and Metamorphism

If you take an existing rock and add immense heat or pressure to it, the rock becomes soft and pliable like cookie dough transforming into metamorphic rocks.

Cambrian Explosion

Cambrian Explosion: Life Diversification in the Oceans

The Cambrian explosion was the largest diversification of life in Earth’s history. Ocean life started as sparse and simple. Then, it remarkably diversified.

Paleozoic Era Timeline

Paleozoic Era: Diversification of Life (540 to 252 million years ago)

The Paleozoic Era marked the first fossil records of animal life.The Cambrian explosion was the largest diversification of life in Earth’s history.

Great Oxygenation Event

Great Oxygenation Event: How Oxygen Filled the Atmosphere

Over 4 billion years ago, Earth’s atmosphere was mostly methane & nitrogen. The Great Oxygenation Event marks a time when free oxygen filled the atmosphere.

Environmental Science Salary Pyramid

Average Salary in Environmental Science [2019 Update]

From astrophysicists to arborists, this environmental science salary pyramid gives a sneak peak of how much earth scientists earn in their respective field.

Earth Science Careers

30 Environmental Science Careers: How To Be an Earth Scientist

This list of 30 Earth Science careers has everything you need to know to carve your own career path as an Earth scientist. It’s time to start your journey.

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