A Timeline of Early Hominids

See how humans have evolved.
From early hominids to modern humans.

Human Evolution

100 Facts About Earth

Earth needs no introduction.
From its origin to its inevitable future, here are 100 facts of Earth.

Earth Exploration

The History of the Universe

What's the history of the universe?
Follow us on a journey that starts with the Big Bang to the formation of stars, galaxies and eventually us.

Big Bang
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Life Science

Outer Space

Water Science

Our solar system is 4.57 billion years old.
Explore the planets, sun and solar system like you've never before.

Solar System

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Geologist Career

Geology Careers: What Do Geologists Do?

Geologists study bedrock and surface rocks. They best understand how Earth’s land forms and rock change over time (physical and chemical structure).

Earth Science Careers

30 Environmental Science Careers: How To Be an Earth Scientist

This list of 30 Earth Science careers has everything you need to know to carve your own career path as an Earth scientist. It’s time to start your journey.

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A Guide to the Magnetosphere

Earth’s magnetic field gives us a layer out in space called the magnetosphere. If you want to learn everything about magnetosphere, this is the complete guide.

Earth Rotation

Earth Rotation: The Day-Night Boundary

As the Earth spins, the sun always shines on one side which gives it sunlight. When you’re facing the sun, it’s daytime. But when you’re not, it’s night.

Major Phases of the Moon

What Are the 8 Major Phases of the Moon?

At all times the sun illuminates half of the moon. Depending on your point of view, this is what causes the various phases of the moon.

Earth Interior Layers

Inside Earth: The Crust, Mantle and Core

All planets have layers. Inside Earth, we have a crust, core and mantle. Imagine a team of drillers who set out to drill a hole to the other side of Earth.


Earth Science Branches

Earth science is a diverse field. In fact, there are 100+ branches. Find out more in this comprehensive guide to environmental science branches.

Earth Exploration
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The History of the Universe

Follow us on a journey that starts with the Big Bang to the formation of stars, galaxies and eventually us.

Big Bang