Geophysicist Career

What Is a Geophysicist?


Geophysicists study the physical processes that relate to Earth. For example, they work in seismic, marine and gravity for subsurface investigations. […]

shield volcano

What is a Shield Volcano?

The name “shield volcano” originated from its Roman shield-like shape. They are broad, flat and can stretch hundreds of miles wide like Mauna Loa in Hawaii. […]

A Guide to the Magnetosphere

Earth’s magnetic field gives us a layer out in space called the magnetosphere. If you want to learn everything about magnetosphere, this is the complete guide. […]

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Ice Ages: Glaciations in Geologic History

Earth has experienced 5 large ice ages. During these frigid times, hefty layers of ice smothered the planet with temperatures 10°C lower than it is today. […]
Earth Shape Oblate Spheroid

Shape of the Earth: The Oblate Spheroid

Outer Space
Earth is not a perfect sphere. In fact, it’s in the shape of an oblate spheroid. Earth shape bulges at the equator and flattens at the north and south pole. […]
Outer Space

The 17 Spheres of Earth

How many spheres of Earth exist on Earth? If you count them all, you would get about 17 of them. This is the definitive guide to all 17 spheres of Earth. […]