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Earth Magnetic Field

A Beginner’s Guide to Earth Magnetic Field

The magnetic field gives us a layer out in space called the magnetosphere. Without it, Earth would be exposed to solar and cosmic radiation.

Earth-Like Planets

Earth’s Doppelgängers: A List of Earth Like Planets

Earth’s Doppelgängers: Is There Life Outside Earth? Published on: | Last Updated: There are 2 trillion galaxies in observable universe. For all 2 trillions galaxies,

Suns Closest Neighbor

Alpha Centauri (Rigil Kentaurus): Our Sun’s Closest Neighbor

Alpha Centauri (Rigil Kentaurus) is the closest star system away from our sun. It’s about 4.3 light years (or 25 trillion miles) away from Earth.

Big Bang Theory Phases

The History of the Universe: The Big Bang and Beyond [Infographic]

What’s the history of the universe? Follow us on a journey that starts with the Big Bang. All the way to the formation of stars, galaxies and eventually us.

Major Phases of the Moon

8 Phases of the Moon: New Moon to Full Moon

At all times the sun illuminates half of the moon. Depending on your point of view, this is what causes the various phases of the moon.

Environmental Science Salary Pyramid

Environmental Science Salary: Pay Scale and Career List [2019]

From astrophysicists to arborists, this environmental science salary pyramid gives a sneak peak of how much earth scientists earn in their respective field.

Human Evolution

Human Evolution: A Timeline of Early Hominids [Infographic]

Since about 4 million years ago, humans have evolved from early hominids to modern humans. Here are 14 species examples from human evolution now extinct.

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Biologist Career

Biology Careers: What Do Biologists Do?

Biologist work with wildlife, marine life and vegetation. They analyze how living things, flora and fauna are composed like their structure & composition.

Solar System Infographic

Solar System Facts: A Guide to Our Planetary System [Infographic]

The solar system is a 4.57 billion years old planetary system that includes a central star and all the natural space objects (planets) orbiting the Sun.

How Fast Does Earth Spin

How Fast Does the Earth Spin? Earth vs The Engineered

How fast does the Earth spin? Earth spins at an incredible 1000 miles per hour (1600 km/hr). We compare the Earth’s spin to nature and engineered velocities