A Guide to the Magnetosphere

Earth’s magnetic field gives us a layer out in space called the magnetosphere. If you want to learn everything about magnetosphere, this is the complete guide.


What Is the Troposphere?

The troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere. It starts at ground level and extends upwards to about 13 km. All weather occurs in the troposphere.


What Is the Thermosphere? [Infographic]

The thermosphere is the thickest atmospheric layer (80-550 km). It’s known for its aurora borealis, orbiting satellites and the Karman Line (edge of space).

Milankovitch Cycle

What Are the 3 Milankovitch Cycles?

Earth revolves around the sun in a roughly circular orbit. But about every 200,000 years, its orbit becomes more eccentric because of the Milankovitch Cycle.