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Universe Expansion: The Farthest Galaxy from Earth [Infographic]

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Universe Expansion

The universe is immeasurable in size. It holds a mammoth collection of galaxies. We know this because we observe them using the Kepler, Spitzer, and Hubble Telescope.

For all we know, it’s expanding indefinitely into limitless bounds. We know this by studying red-shift.

Each galaxy forms stars, planets, and other solar remnants. On the grand scale of things, the Milky Way galaxy where we reside is tiny in comparison.

Universe expansion is the theory that galaxies and all matter in space are increasing in distance between each other. But the true extent of outer space is still unknown. It’s mind-boggling what could be out there.

The Farthest Viewable Galaxy

By pushing NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope to its limits, astronomers have shattered the cosmic distance record by measuring the farthest galaxy ever seen in the universe.

Universe Expansion

This surprisingly bright infant galaxy, named GN-z11, is seen as it was 13.4 billion years in the past. In other words, it’s the oldest, most distant galaxy in the observable universe.

If you look at the origin of the Big Bang, it’s just 400 million years after it. This galaxy has a high red-shift, meaning that this galaxy is moving away in distance.

Astronomers also use the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope to greatly improve the cosmic distance ladder used to measure the expansion rate of the universe, its size, and age.

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