MOON GRAVITY: Your Weight on the Moon

Last Updated: March 20, 2019

Moon Gravity Facts

The gravity of the moon is 1/6 of Earth. So if you stepped on a scale on the moon, you could subtract 83.5%. So 100 kg in weight would be 16.5 kg on the moon.

This is too weak to hold onto an atmosphere. That means that a lack of atmosphere means moon’s surface gets very hot (117°C) when facing the sun. But it also gets cold (-153°C) when facing away from the sun.

But the moon had tremendous effects in terms of altering Earth’s climate. For example, the early Earth spun so fast that a day lasted just 6 hours. Eventually, the moon helped in slowing Earth’s rotation from 6 to 24 hours.

Next, the moon helps Earth steady. The gravitational pull on our products helps it from wobbling. In turn, this prevents climate swings. Finally, the giant impact collision tilted Earth on its axis. Ultimately, this tilt is the primary cause of seasons on our planet.

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