What Color Is the Moon

What Color Is the Moon?

The color of the moon is mostly grey. And the lunar maria are dark grey. The 4 most dominant rocks are: mare basalts, breccia, anorthosite and regolith.

How Big Is the Moon

How Big Is the Moon?

How big is the moon? It’s about 1/4 (27%) the size in diameter of Earth. Alternatively, you can think of the moon being about as wide as the United States.

Moon Gravity Facts

Moon Gravity: Your Weight on the Moon

The gravity of the moon is 1/6 of Earth. If you stepped on a scale on the moon, you could subtract 83.5%. So 100 kg in weight would be 16.5 kg on the moon.


9 Facts About the Moon [Infographic]

Earth’s moon was formed at the same time that Earth did. Interesting moon facts include its gravity is 1/6 of Earth and temperature range of -173°C to 127°C

Giant Impact Hypothesis

How Did the Moon Form?

The giant impact hypothesis models the formation of our moon. It starts with a Mars-sized object hitting Earth. This object (moon) still remains in orbit.

How Far Is Moon From Earth Lunar Distance

How Far Is the Moon?

The moon is approximately 238,855 miles (384,400 km) away from the Earth. It’s such a big gap that you can almost fit all the 7 other planets in between.