How Do Glaciers Form?

Like a rake scraping the dirt, glaciers leave a lasting impression on the land. They can erode mountains, transport vast amount of rock and reshape the land. […]

Carboniferous Coal Deposits

Coal Formation: How Coal Forms

Hydrocarbons, oil and coal formation in general are made from living organisms that have been compacted from intense heat and pressure millions of years ago. […]

isostatic rebound

What is Isostatic Rebound?

During the last ice age, ice pushed down on continents with immense pressure. After the ice melted, land began slowly lifting which is isostatic rebound. […]

Sedimentary Rocks

How Do Sedimentary Rocks Form?

Sedimentary rocks form from two key processes. First, compaction squeezes material together. Second, cementing glues the squeezed material together. […]