ASTHENOSPHERE: 5 Things to Know

1 The lithosphere rides on the asthenosphere The asthenosphere is the unsung hero of our planet. This plasticky layer 80 to 200 km beneath our feet provides the necessary lubrication for plate tectonics. That’s right. […]

Pacific Plate Tectonics

PACIFIC PLATE: Tectonic Boundary and Movement

PACIFIC PLATE Pacific major plate is the largest which underlies the Pacific Ocean. Specifically, it stretches all the way along the west coast of North America to the east coast of Japan and Indonesia. This […]

African Plate Tectonics

AFRICAN PLATE: Tectonic Boundary and Movement

AFRICAN PLATE The African major plate contains the whole continent of Africa as well as the surrounding oceanic crust of the Atlantic Ocean. The Somali Plate is positioned along the East African Rift zone. This […]