Seasonal Patterns
Outer Space

Why Do We Have Seasons?

Because the Earth is tilted on its axis, it’s why we have seasons. When Earth receives more sunlight on one side, it’s summer. And vice versa for winter. […]

Types of Rocks

What Are the 3 Types of Rocks?

Earth is covered with these 3 types of rocks are: (1) sedimentary rocks (2) metamorphic rocks and (3) igneous rocks. How they are different from each other? […]


What Is the Exosphere?

The exosphere is the upper part of Earth’s atmosphere. It starts at about 500 km and gradually extends into the vacuum of outer space at about 190,000 km. […]

River Delta Schematic

River Delta: How It Forms

Streams carrying too much sediment clogs the entrance into the basin. As sediments dump in, water flow decelerates and widens the entrance forming a delta. […]