Geophysicist Career

What Is a Geophysicist?

Geophysicists study the physical processes that relate to Earth. For example, they work in seismic, marine and gravity for subsurface investigations. […]

Sedimentary Rocks

How Do Sedimentary Rocks Form?

Sedimentary rocks form from two key processes. First, compaction squeezes material together. Second, cementing glues the squeezed material together. […]

Meteorologist Career

What Do Meteorologists Do?

Meteorologists partake in weather prediction. They understand atmospheric chemistry and physics and how they relate to weather and climate patterns. […]

Branches of Geology
Branches of Earth Science

37 Branches of Geology

What are the branches of geology? It can be divided in different ways. We divide fields into tectonics, sedimentology, topography, chronology & astrogeology […]