Earth Atmosphere Layers

What Are the Layers of the Atmosphere?

There are 4 primary layers of the atmosphere on Earth: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. The ionosphere and exosphere are above those.

How Far Is Moon From Earth Lunar Distance

How Far Is the Moon?

If only there was a ruler long enough to reach the moon. Over the years, astronomers have used parallax, radar and laser ranging to measure lunar distance.

Earth Rotation

Earth Rotation: The Day-Night Boundary

As the Earth spins, the sun always shines on one side which gives it sunlight. When you’re facing the sun, it’s daytime. But when you’re not, it’s night.

Ocean Currents

The Major Ocean Currents of the World

Ocean currents are like giant conveyor belts moving huge amounts of water all the time. Wind, temperature and salt gradients all influences ocean currents.