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Geophysics Courses – Become a Geophysicist

Geophysics Courses

Geophysics Courses

Geophysics is a complicated subject. It is an interdisciplinary science that involves physics, seismology, chemistry, geodynamics, and mathematics. This is one of the reasons why geophysics often gets overlooked.

As we continue to explore natural resources and develop the technology that will help us do so, geophysicists will play an integral role. As such, geophysics is an exciting career path that could provide a variety of opportunities.

But if you want to pursue a career as a geophysicist, one option is to look into geophysical courses online. These classes offer students a chance to explore how the Earth works, from its very core to the surface.

1. Seismic Tomography: Look Inside the Earth


The focus of the Seismic Tomography: Look Inside the Earth course is on seismology, which helps you in a way peer deep beneath the Earth’s surface. First, you’ll learn the basics of seismology and the instruments used to study earthquakes. This course gives you an introduction to complex scientific methods seismologists use to gather information about earthquakes.

The course is designed for everyone interested in seismology. From geophysicists, mathematicians, geologists, geochemists, petrologists, or engineers, you will gain a deeper understanding of what makes up the inside of Earth. Because it does not matter what level you are on; the content is explained with simple and accessible language.

InstructorNovosibirsk State University Online (NSU)
Duration11 hours
CertificationEarn a Certificate upon completion

2. Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources


The Geoscience: the Earth and its Resources course emphasizes the physical properties and structure of the material, that is, its composition, dynamics, history, and interactions with other components of the earth system. In this course, you’ll learn about plate tectonics by exploring different topics that help us better understand the nature of our planet.

You’ll also learn about rocks, which are just made of minerals. Rocks can be broken down into smaller pieces with the application of heat and pressure. When rocks weather away to form soil, it means they’re “worn down” by natural processes like wind, water, and ice to make them reactive enough to support plant life. Weathered soils form a dark layer or “topsoil” on top of bedrock called “rock sediments”. These are some of the geoscience topics you will learn in this course.

InstructorDelft University of Technology (Online)
DurationEstimated 6 weeks
PrerequisitesHigh school mathematics and physics and natural sciences

3. Seismology to Earthquake Engineering


Seismology starts by studying vibrations that propagate through the Earth to create earthquakes. While most people are familiar with seismology, few know that there is also a field called earthquake engineering.

The Seismology to Earthquake Engineering course covers both fields and provides a glimpse into what it is like to be an earthquake engineer. People are now able to design buildings that are more resistant to seismic activity. This course will teach you about the different components of an earthquake, as well as insights on how to create a building that is resistant to seismic activity.

InstructorÉcole Polytechnique (Online)
Duration15 hours
CertificationEarn a Certificate upon completion

Geophysics Courses

Geophysics courses are an excellent career choice for students who enjoy the field of physics and want to learn more about it. The subject involves making sense of how the earth works by understanding seismic waves.

Geophysicists have a variety of careers available due to their expertise in this field. They may work as professors in universities, or they could turn their skills into careers in research and consulting firms.

We hope this guide to geophysics courses has helped you learn about geophysics as a career choice with some helpful information for your future studies.


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    My name is Jale Kushan. I am a geophysical engineer. I graduated from Ankara University in Turkey in 1989.
    I am a person who knows the importance of earth sciences for humanity and loves his profession.
    Unfortunately, I had to work away from my profession for a long time. Now I live in New York. I want to attend your geophysics course. I’m happy if you help.
    Thank you so much.
    Best regards,
    Jale Kushan

  2. I’m asking for this help because I can’t afford to pay for this course. In fact, I come from a poor family, my father has no job with the state or company that allows him to maintain a monthly salary, he works in agriculture, my mother is a housewife, in addition, I am part of a large family I have two sisters and a nephew sincerely I have no way to pay for this course, even I can not do a job in parallel with my studies because the studies take all my time. All my studies since primary school until now I have done them in public schools where I am not obliged to pay the registration fees or housing. My motivation and my determination have allowed me to pass the competition and to integrate into one of the most famous schools in Morocco. Certainly, if there were no public establishments or state subsidies or financial aid like this one I would not have been able to continue my studies and achieve my career goals.

  3. Was not able to see if you charge course fees per course. Want to know the payment system if any?

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