global water distribution

How Much Water Is on Earth?

Water is in the ground, on the surface, in the air and in our bodies. But how much global water distribution is in glaciers, groundwater, rivers and lakes?

Ocean Tides Moon Effects

What Causes Ocean Tides?

When the moon is close to Earth, its gravitational pull stretches the side it’s facing. Because oceans hold a set amount of water, levels rise in one area.

5 oceans earth

What are the 5 OCEANS of the World?

Since the year 2000, the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) started recognizing 5 oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern Ocean.

Ocean Currents

The Major Ocean Currents of the World

Ocean currents are like giant conveyor belts moving huge amounts of water all the time. Wind, temperature and salt gradients all influences ocean currents.