Branches of Oceanography

A Complete Guide to Oceanography

Water is all around us. In fact, 70% of Earth is water. Fisheries, water cycles, weather & climate, shipping routes. Here are the branches of oceanography.

Branches of Astronomy

17 Branches of Astronomy

Astronomy is all-encompassing that studies matter outside of Earth. The branches of astronomy are astrophysics, astrometry, astrogeology and astrobiology.

Branches of Earth Science Outline

100+ Branches of Earth Science

Earth scientists need all the *sciences* to understand how the Earth works. This list of 123 branches of Earth Science is the most in-depth you’ll ever find

Branches of Geology

37 Branches of Geology

What are the branches of geology? It can be divided in different ways. We divide fields into tectonics, sedimentology, topography, chronology & astrogeology