Milankovitch Cycle

What Are the 3 Milankovitch Cycles?

Earth revolves around the sun in a roughly circular orbit. But about every 200,000 years, its orbit becomes more eccentric because of the Milankovitch Cycle.

Climate Feedback Loops

15 Climate Feedback Loops and Examples

Climate feedback loops either amplify or reduce climate change. Positive feedback loops like permafrost melt amplifies climate change because it releases methane.

Sea Level Rise

How Much Will Sea Level Rise?

As temperatures surge, sea levels rise with it. This is because melting ice sheets add to total water volume. By 2100, water levels could rise 32-68 inches.

Earth tilt

Earth Tilt: 23.5 Degrees Axis

Imagine sticking a pencil into the Earth’s poles and twisting your wrist 23.5°. This is the Earth tilt essential in seasonal patterns, climate and life on Earth.