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Waste Management Courses Online

Waste Management Courses

Waste Management Courses Online

Waste management courses are a crucial part of the green movement. When we manage our waste properly, we can reduce greenhouse gases and toxic emissions while recycling to create new materials. Waste management courses explore the various methods used to manage waste in communities such as recycling and composting.

The topics covered in these courses include how modern society has impacted human interaction with waste, the different ways communities manage waste, sustainability, and building a more eco-friendly community.

It also includes topics such as environmental impacts of landfills, recycling centers, material science and innovation, environmental law and policy, the economics of green infrastructure development, and urban planning practices.

With the help of such programs, we can also prevent our natural environment from being harmed. If you want to learn more about waste management, here are some tips and waste management programs you can use for yourself.

1. Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials


In order to create a more sustainable future, our world needs a more efficient and effective waste management system. This means that we need less landfill space, less energy used for processing wastes, and fewer toxins in our soil. One of the most important ways to reduce the number of raw materials needed is by recycling.

From simple glass to complex electronics, recycling can save you money and help you reduce your environmental footprint. In the Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials course, you will learn how to design a better waste management system and even identify new business opportunities through critical raw materials.

InstructorDelft University of Technology Online (DelftX)
Duration6 weeks

2. Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries


The world produces an estimated 1.3 billion tons of garbage every year, with a little more than half of this being municipal solid waste (MSW). This creates a huge problem in that people are continuously dumping their waste into the environment, which is leading to pollution and other negative effects.

In developing countries, there are many challenges with MSW management, including limited resources and poor infrastructure. The Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries course explores some of the ways that developing countries can tackle this challenge by using MSW management as a means for sustainable development.

InstructorEPFL (Online)
Duration22 hours
CertificationCertificate of completion

3. Water and Wastewater Treatment


A water and wastewater treatment course is the first step to becoming a professional in this field. Plus, it will prepare you for various careers in both public and private sector positions. This MicroMasters® Program in Water and Wastewater Treatment will equip you with the necessary skills to understand how our world works through an understanding of how water, wastewater, and other substances are managed in our daily lives.

This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the principles and practices of water and wastewater treatment. It examines both physical and chemical processes, with a focus on environmental impact assessment, design, and operation. Plus, it covers the physical and chemical processes like photochemical transformation, nutrient removal, and modern biotechnologies.

InstructorPurdue University Online (PurdueX)
Duration8 months
Expert instruction4 graduate-level courses
Instructor-ledAssignments and exams have specific due dates

Waste Management Courses

Waste management courses teach students how to handle waste in the most sustainable way. Whether you’re an environmental engineer, a business student, or a regular person who simply wants to learn about sustainability, these courses are for you.

Waste management is one of the most important aspects of sustainability because it deals with our landfills and the millions of tons of trash we produce every year. When left unchecked, waste can contaminate our land and waterways which really degrade the quality of life for future generations.

For this reason, many universities offer courses like the ones we’ve listed today where you can study waste management education as an option. Overall, all waste management courses are designed to help you learn how to handle waste effectively and sustainably.