Ice Ages

ICE AGES: Glaciations in Geologic History

Earth was a snowball Earth experienced 5 large ice ages. During this time, a hefty layer of ice smothered our planet. It was unimaginably frigid at this time where temperatures dropped to 10°C lower than […]

Milankovitch Cycle

MILANKOVITCH CYCLE: Climate Change and Glaciation

The Milankovitch Cycle Earth revolves around the sun in a roughly circular orbit. But roughly every 200,000 years, its orbit becomes more eccentric from gravitational interactions. It’s close to circular now. But like a pendulum, […]

Planetary Wobbles

CHANDLER WOBBLE: Why the Earth Wobbles

The Chandler Wobble Theory Earth spins on its axis of rotation. But it doesn’t spin perfectly. Like a toy top, it wobbles when it spins. This displacement is known as Chandler wobbles. The Chandler wobble […]