isostatic rebound

ISOSTATIC REBOUND: Glacial Depression

Isostatic Rebound: Glacial Depression Only about 10,000 years ago, ice covered all of Canada. Mountains made of ice pushed down on the continent with immense pressure. For example, the Hudson Bay may have depressed over […]


GLACIERS: Shaping Land By Moving Ice

Glaciers chisel away the land like a rake Like a rake scraping the dirt, glaciers leave a lasting impression on the land. During the last ice age, glaciers scraped away Canadian rock dumping most of […]

Ice Ages

ICE AGES: Glaciations in Geologic History

Earth was a snowball Earth experienced 5 large ice ages. During this time, a hefty layer of ice smothered our planet. It was unimaginably frigid at this time where temperatures dropped to 10°C lower than […]

Milankovitch Cycle

MILANKOVITCH CYCLE: Climate Change and Glaciation

The Milankovitch Cycle Earth revolves around the sun in a roughly circular orbit. But roughly every 200,000 years, its orbit becomes more eccentric from gravitational interactions. It’s close to circular now. But like a pendulum, […]