Climate Change

CLIMATE CHANGE: Impacts and Effects

Climate Change Effects and Impacts 97% of scientists agree that humans are causing recent climate change. For example, evidence includes rising sea levels, warming oceans and shrinking ice sheets. Like a one man wrecking ball, […]

Sea Level Rise

SEA LEVEL RISE: Effects and Projections

Sea Level Rise Effects and Projections As temperatures surge, sea levels rise with it. This is because melting ice sheets and glaciers add to total water volume. Scientists estimate sea level will rise 32 to […]

Koppen Climate Classification


Koppen Climate Classification The Koppen climate classification is the most widely used system to catalogue our environment. In the eyes of Koppen, Earth consists of 5 climate types – tropical, dry, temperate, continental and polar. […]

Climate Feedback Loops

CLIMATE FEEDBACK LOOPS: Negative and Positive Feedback

Positive and Negative Climate Feedback Loops Climate feedback loops either amplify or reduce climate change. For example, a warmer climate could increase cloudiness because of the increased water vapor in the atmosphere. Because clouds reflect […]

Planetary Wobbles

CHANDLER WOBBLE: Why the Earth Wobbles

The Chandler Wobble Theory Earth spins on its axis of rotation. But it doesn’t spin perfectly. Like a toy top, it wobbles when it spins. This displacement is known as Chandler wobbles. The Chandler wobble […]