PLANET NEPTUNE: The Farthest Planet From the Sun


Last Updated: Sep 23, 2018

1 Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun

Neptune is about 4.495 billion kilometers from the sun making it the farthest planet from the sun.

In astronomical units, this is about 30 astronomical units (AU) away from Earth. Remember that Earth is just 1 AU, which is the distance from Earth to the sun.

Neptune has an orbital period of 165 years. This means that it takes 165 Earth years for one full revolution.

2 It’s tilted on its axis like Earth giving it seasons

It has tilted axis about 29 degrees like Earth giving it seasons. It has changes in its atmosphere due to the change in its direction facing the sun.

Neptune has the strongest winds in the solar system. For example, we know that storms on Neptune spin in an anti-cyclonic direction.

3 Neptune has similar characteristics to Uranus

The atmosphere of Neptune is Hydrogen (80.0%), Helium (19%) and Methane (1%) resembling Uranus the most. They both are the farthest planets from the sun in our solar system.

Neptune’s radius is 24,622 km and its surface area is about 7.618 billion km2. Both planets are extremely cold. For example, Neptune’s surface temperature is in the ballpark of -231°C.

Finally, the length of a day is close to one hour apart from Uranus. On Neptune, a day length is about 16 hours and 6 minutes for a full rotation.

4 Neptune has 14 moons

There are 14 moons that whose names come from Greek mythology. For example, Triton, Nereid, Naiad, Thalassa and Despina are natural satellites of Neptune.

We’ve never been able to see Neptune with the naked eye. But we do know that Neptune has rings but they are very dark and their structure is unknown.

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