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Meteorology Courses – Learn Weather and Climate

Meteorology Courses

Meteorology Courses – Learn Weather and Climate

If you’re interested in weather and climate, meteorology is the perfect place to start. Meteorologists study weather patterns from all around the world. With such varied study options, there are many different career paths available.

Weather and climate are constantly changing and are a subject of great interest for many people. Whether you’re interested in meteorology as a career or just want to learn more about how the weather works, this article has some helpful tips for you.

In this article, I will give you a rundown of the top 3 meteorology courses available online. Each one will help you learn about weather and climate patterns and enter the field of meteorology.

1. Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather


Harvard University offers the Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather course through EdX. Weather patterns are formed through natural processes, but it’s our job to predict them so that we can prepare for what might happen. This course shows the sky’s the limit for what we can do in backyard meteorology.

The weather forecasts we see every day are based on an army of meteorological sensing networks and intensive computer modeling. From what time of year to when the first snowflakes fall, to predicting all-time highs, lows, and even hurricanes on the horizon, these weather forecasts have become invaluable tools for everyone. But before computer models, you could predict the weather by staring at the clouds and checking the direction of the wind. Overall, this course puts this all together to study the science of weather.

InstructorHarvard University Online (HarvardX)
Duration6 weeks

2. Meteorology in a Round the World Regatta


Weather is a system of nature. Like all-natural systems, weather systems are predictable and have certain patterns. Weather prediction is the attempt to forecast the weather using knowledge of its past and present behavior. Unfortunately, it’s not all that accurate at times.

The Meteorology in a Round the World Regatta course explores the mechanics of global weather. For instance, it explores how ocean meteorology is used in predictive modeling and the unique challenges that arise when forecasting extreme conditions such as hurricanes or earthquakes. Additionally, this course also discusses some of the advancements in meteorological modeling that allow for more accurate predictions.

InstructorThe University of Barcelona (Online)
Duration19 hours
CertificationCertificate of completion

3. Weather Observing & Meteorological Observation Encoding


Weather observing is the process of gathering environmental data relating to weather conditions and analyzing them in order to provide information on current or expected future conditions. It is an important discipline that manages weather systems, forecasts the weather, and provides services for safety.

The Udemy Weather Observing & Meteorological Observation Encoding course studies these types of observations in a variety of ways. From wind speeds to direction and airport weather observations, this course gives insights into weather observation and how it affects us.

InstructorUdemy (Online)
Duration8 hours of on-demand video
CertificationCertificate of completion

Meteorology Courses – Learn Weather and Climate

Courses in meteorology are on the rise. It is now more important than ever to learn about the weather and climate. With climate change being an ongoing issue, it’s more important than ever to know how weather affects the planet.

If you’re interested in meteorology, you might be wondering what kind of meteorology courses to take and what degree you might be after. There are many different types of meteorology courses, depending on your interests and goals.

Today, we introduced three courses to learning various aspects of meteorology, weather, and climate. From understanding the Earth’s climate to forecasting the weather and studying atmospheric phenomena, this is a field that has many different avenues to explore.