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Geoscience Courses Online

Geoscience Courses

Geoscience Courses

Geoscience is an incredibly broad field with many different aspects. It covers topics such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tectonics, and metamorphism.

It’s a fascinating field that gets you involved with the Earth in a way, unlike any other science. These geoscience courses are designed for those interested in learning more about the Earth’s composition and how it functions.

If geoscience sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about, read on for information on geoscience courses you can take today and what they might include.

Read on to learn more about the courses available and the education they provide.

1. The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators


Earth is often seen as the center of the universe. However, our planet is far from unique and there are many other places in the universe with their own unique features that make them worth seeing.

The earth has been around for over 4.5 billion years and its origins have been well studied. This course will take you on a journey through some of the most important geologic events that occurred in Earth’s history to understand how it came to be what it is today.

The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators begins with an introduction to the formation of the Earth. From here, students learn about the different categories of rocks that make up the Earth and their properties. Then, it discusses how eventually life has evolved and flourished.

InstructorAmerican Museum of Natural History (Online)
Duration8 hours
CertificationEarn a Certificate upon completion

2. The History of Ancient Environments, Climate, and Life


The Earth’s history is a story of dramatic changes and transformations. For example, there have been four mass extinctions in the span of the Earth’s 4.5 billion year history.

The history of ancient environments and climate is a complex topic that can be difficult to understand. The History of Ancient Environments, Climate, and Life course peers into how the earth has changed over the millennia with ancient environments and changing conditions.

You will also go on virtual field trips around the world to explore the history of ancient environments, climate, and life. For instance, it includes everywhere from Minnesota, Norway, and Death Valley.

InstructorMassachusetts Institute of Technology Online (MITx)
Duration8 weeks

3. Mountains 101


Mountains are geological formations that stand above the surrounding landscape. They rise gradually from lowland to form relief features with steep cliffs, tall peaks, and a summit.

The Earth’s crust is broken into pieces called tectonic plates. These plates move slowly and occasionally collide with each other. When they do, mountain ranges can form.

As part of the Mountains 101 course, it examines how mountains form and how they contribute to our daily lives on the planet. It will also explore how mountains have shaped human history and climate today.

InstructorThe University of Alberta (Online)
Duration18 hours
CertificationEarn a Certificate upon completion

Geoscience Courses

Geoscience is a scientific discipline that studies the Earth system, its processes, and how it works. Geoscientists use their knowledge to understand natural hazards and develop sustainable solutions for the environment.

Whether you are a college student, an educator, or simply interested in learning more about the earth, geoscience courses are a great way to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around you.

Although these courses have their benefits, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right program for you. In this guide for geoscience courses, we help you find educational opportunities that fit your interests.