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Forestry Courses and Online Certification

Forestry Courses

Forestry Courses Online

Most people associate forestry with lumberjacks or logging camps in the woods. But what about the technology and science behind forestry? It’s a big industry that provides many jobs, services, and resources.

Forestry courses are on the rise, in part due to an increase in the management and preservation of forests. Foresters are experts in managing trees for timber production, conservation, wildlife habitat, and recreation.

Read on to find out more about some of the top forestry courses you should consider for your next education adventure.

1. Managing and Preserving Our Terrestrial Ecosystems


Terrestrial ecosystems are our life support systems. They are the ecosystems that exist on our planet. These systems not only provide food for humans but also provide a habitat for animals.

These habitats are essential for wild animals who need to be able to find food and water, as well as any plants or crops that survive in these areas as well.

A large number of species depend on a healthy ecosystem to survive. However, as humans continue to use natural resources like plants and animals for various things like food production and energy generation, we’re damaging others at an unsustainable rate. The course Managing and Preserving Our Terrestrial Ecosystems covers the management of terrestrial ecosystems in a sustainable manner.

InstructorSDG Academy (Online)
Duration9 weeks

2. The Forestry Industry


The forestry industry is an important part of many economies around the world, and it provides many jobs in communities.

The term “forestry” has a wide variety of definitions and refers to the collection, management, protection, or use of trees for their value as timber, wood fiber, or any other product or service.

In addition to providing this much-needed resource, the forestry industry offers many other benefits including sustainable development, job opportunities, and economic growth. If you want to learn more about all this and more, then you should consider enrolling in the Forestry Industry course offered at Udemy.

InstructorCipherDev Labs™ (Online)
Duration4 hours of on-demand video
CertificationCertificate of completion

3. Forests and Livelihoods in Developing Countries


Forests are a paradise for wildlife, but they are also vital to the livelihoods of many communities living in developing countries.

Forests provide food and water for subsistence farming, fuel for cooking and lighting, material for construction and handicrafts, and medicinal plants needed to maintain good health.

Due to the increased degradation of forests, deforestation rates have been rising in recent years. This has led to the endangerment of tree-dependent livelihoods such as hunting and logging. If you want to learn more about the pivotal role that forests play across the world, then try out the Forests and Livelihoods in Developing Countries course.

InstructorUniversity of British Columbia Online (UBCx)
Duration4 weeks

Forestry Courses

There are a lot of careers that require knowledge and expertise in forestry. Whether you’re looking to become a forester, arborist, or ecologist, these forestry courses can teach you the fundamental skills needed for success.

Foresters study how trees grow to improve forest management, while arborists identify tree disease and other problems in order to prevent loss of plant life. Whereas ecologists examine an ecosystem’s health and sustainability.

So if you’re considering a new profession or career-related education, consider a forestry course. It’s not only to become a forester, but it can help you in various other careers as well.