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Ecology Courses – Introduction to Ecosystems

Ecology Courses

Ecology Courses – Introduction to Ecosystems

If you have a love for the natural world and are looking to get involved in environmentalism, there’s no better way than by taking any of these ecology courses.

Ecology courses teach you about the world around you; not just the nature of your own surroundings, but also how human activities impact ecosystems. Plus, it can help you understand the natural world and its systems as well as how to preserve it.

You’ll receive an introduction to ecology by studying topics like population dynamics, genetics, biomes, energy flow, and conservation.

If you are interested in environmental science, then it’s time you start your career with a bang. This guide will help you get started on the exciting path of becoming an ecologist.

1. Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation


It covers the basic concepts of ecosystems and discusses how both man-made and natural systems are important. In the Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation course, you will learn about the relationships between different organisms within an ecosystem and how these interactions occur through a case study of Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park.

You’ll learn how to recognize plants and animals in different environments, why we need biodiversity, and what ecological principles are. You will also get to see how humans impact these ecosystems in both positive and negative ways. This course will teach you how we can preserve our ecosystem while still living in harmony with it.

InstructorAmerican Museum of Natural History (Online)
Duration9 hours
CertificationEarn a Certificate upon completion

2. Introduction to Animal Behaviour


Animal behavior and behavior ecology have been of interest to humans since the beginning of recorded history. The study of animal behavior is important in ecology because it provides a window into understanding how interactions between organisms are occurring in nature.

Understanding animal behavior can help us understand the ecological implications and consequences of changes in animal abundance, including predators, prey, parasites, competitors for resources, and pathogens. In the Introduction to Animal Behaviour course, you will also read about the different types of ecosystems and why they are important to the world.

InstructorWageningen University & Research (Online)
DurationEstimated 6 weeks

3. Biological Diversity (Theories, Measures, and Data Sampling Techniques)


Biological diversity is an important issue for a number of reasons. For starters, many organisms are disappearing at an alarming rate. In addition to this, the extinction of species threatens our future as well. The Biological Diversity course delves into the topic of biodiversity and its many facets.

The functions of the living organisms that inhabit this planet are intimately related and work together to ensure our survival. One way of understanding how ecosystems function is through studying the habitats that they live in. These habitats, which include forests and wetlands, can be found in all different types of environments on Earth.

InstructorNational Research Tomsk State University (Online)
Duration9 hours
CertificationEarn a Certificate upon completion

Ecology Courses

Ecology is a branch of biology that deals with the relationships between organisms and their environment. These ecology courses will teach students about how ecosystems function and how they can be studied in detail to understand why they work.

Ecologists are scientists who study interactions within biological communities like plant or animal populations and their habitats. Further to this, they study the consequences of those interactions on all species in an ecosystem.

If you want to learn how ecosystems function, then these ecology courses explore these interactions and give students an overview of what ecology is all about.

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