Sea Level Rise

SEA LEVEL RISE: Effects and Projections

Sea Level Rise Effects and Projections As temperatures surge, sea levels rise with it. This is because melting ice sheets and glaciers add to total water volume. Scientists estimate sea level will rise 32 to […]

Coral Reefs

CORAL REEF FACTS: Ocean Biodiversity Hotspots

Coral Reef Facts: Ocean Biodiversity Hotspots Coral reefs are a biodiversity hotspot for ocean life. Remarkably, about 1/4 of marine species reside in coral reefs. These are like the rainforests of the oceans. From an […]

Ocean Salinity

OCEAN SALINITY: Why Oceans Have Salt

Ocean Salinity: Why Oceans Have Salt Imagine you’re stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. All this water. But no fresh water to drink. Oceans are salty because runoff transports minerals and […]

Ocean Exploration

OCEAN EXPLORATION: 20% Explored, 80% Unexplored

Humans have only explored 20% of oceans We’ve mapped 100% of our oceans at 5 km resolution using satellite radar. If you account for shipping routes and scientific expeditions, we’ve mapped out about 20% of […]