Lightning Strikes

LIGHTNING FACTS: 8.6 Million Strikes Per Day

Lighting strikes 8.6 million times per day When you rub your feet on the carpet, you build a slight negative charge. You get a shock because you discharge the static electric charge to a positively […]

Climate Feedback Loops

CLIMATE FEEDBACK LOOPS: Negative and Positive Feedback

Positive and Negative Climate Feedback Loops Climate feedback loops either amplify or reduce climate change. For example, a warmer climate could increase cloudiness because of the increased water vapor in the atmosphere. Because clouds reflect […]

Earth Metabolism

EARTH METABOLISM: Net Primary Productivity

Earth Metabolism: Net primary productivity The Earth is breathing. We gauge Earth’s metabolism based on the rate at which plants absorb carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Net primary productivity is how much carbon dioxide […]

Ice Ages

ICE AGES: Glaciations in Geologic History

Earth was a snowball Earth experienced 5 large ice ages. During this time, a hefty layer of ice smothered our planet. It was unimaginably frigid at this time where temperatures dropped to 10°C lower than […]

Milankovitch Cycle

MILANKOVITCH CYCLE: Climate Change and Glaciation

The Milankovitch Cycle Earth revolves around the sun in a roughly circular orbit. But roughly every 200,000 years, its orbit becomes more eccentric from gravitational interactions. It’s close to circular now. But like a pendulum, […]