shield volcano

What is a Shield Volcano?

The name “shield volcano” originated from its Roman shield-like shape. They are broad, flat and can stretch hundreds of miles wide like Mauna Loa in Hawaii.

Facts About Volcanoes

10 Little-Known Facts About Volcanoes

Ready to learn about volcanoes? From lightning that sparks at a volcano to its deadly hazards, we’re going to dive into 10 little-known facts about volcanoes


Lahar: Flowing Mud at Volcanoes

“Lahar” is an Indonesian word for mudflow at volcanoes. Lahar flows down volcanoes as a mix of mostly water, mud and rock debris (similar to wet concrete).

igneous rocks

How Volcanoes Form Igneous Rocks

Volcanoes are the foundation for igneous rocks. When volcanoes erupt, magma and lava spews out. After cooling and solidifying, they become igneous rocks.