Classification of Life

CLASSIFICATION OF LIFE: From Domain to Species

Classification of life In biology, we categorize life by how similar they are to each other. Like a family tree, we can see the relationship for any living organism by observing their classification of life. […]

domains of life

3 DOMAINS OF LIFE: Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya

The 3 domains of life All living organisms can be categorized into 3 domains of life: eukarya, archaea and bacteria. “Domains” are the top-level classification which categorizes life in the most general way. For example, […]

Climate Change

CLIMATE CHANGE: Impacts and Effects

Climate Change Effects and Impacts 97% of scientists agree that humans are causing recent climate change. For example, evidence includes rising sea levels, warming oceans and shrinking ice sheets. Like a one man wrecking ball, […]


CELLULAR RESPIRATION: Energy Conversion in the Body

Energy conversion through cellular respiration The single-most important biochemical reaction human beings need is cellular respiration. Without it, we wouldn’t exist. Our cells require oxygen to break down the food we consume. From glucose and […]

Biological Diversity Biodiversity

BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY: Resilient Ecosystems from Biodiversity

Biological Diversity: Resilient Ecosystems from Biodiversity Biodiversity or “biological diversity” refers to the variety of species and genetic diversity in an ecosystem. Ecosystems rely on biodiversity for resiliency, health and food. A loss in biodiversity […]

Koppen Climate Classification


Koppen Climate Classification The Koppen climate classification is the most widely used system to catalogue our environment. In the eyes of Koppen, Earth consists of 5 climate types – tropical, dry, temperate, continental and polar. […]

Soil Nutrients

SOIL NUTRIENTS: Deficiency and Replenishing

Soil Nutrients: Deficiency and Replenishing It’s true that plants grow from the top-down. In other words, it uses water and carbon dioxide from the air to grow. But nutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and […]

Nutrient Cycle

NUTRIENT CYCLE: From Inorganic to Organic

Nutrient Cycle – From Inorganic to Organic Food for thought, the nutrient cycle is constantly exchanging inorganic and organic matter back and forth in an environment. Because Earth is a closed system, nothing is taken […]

Carbon Dating

CARBON DATING Uncovers Age: Examples and Uses

What is carbon dating used for? All life contains different types of carbon. When an organism dies, carbon-14 (C14) breaks down. However, carbon-12 (C12) doesn’t break down. By examining the ratio between the two for […]