Giant Impact Hypothesis

How Did the Moon Form?

The giant impact hypothesis models the formation of our moon. It starts with a Mars-sized object hitting Earth. This object (moon) still remains in orbit.


7 Red-Hot Planet Mercury Facts

Not only is planet Mercury the closest to the sun, but it has extreme temperatures. Facts about Mercury: Its long comet-like tail, craters and unusual orbit

Sun Fusion

Sun Fusion: How the Sun Heats Up Earth

Fusion reactions power the sun. By fusing hydrogen to helium, the sun releases vast amounts of energy towards Earth. Then, sun fusion reaction heats Earth.

Earth tilt

Earth Tilt: Our 23.5 Degrees Axis

Imagine sticking a pencil into the Earth’s poles and twisting your wrist 23.5°. This is the Earth tilt essential in seasonal patterns, climate and life on Earth.