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Biology Courses – Become a Biologist

Biology Courses

Biology Courses – Become a Biologist

Biology is a science that deals with the study of life. It encompasses all living organisms, and it is the foundation for other disciplines such as genetics, zoology, and organic chemistry.

Biology courses are one way to help you become a biologist. They provide a rigorous overview of the field that will help you understand how life works on many different levels.

This career is a great choice for students who enjoy working outside in the field or in a lab environment. Yet, the field also offers wide opportunities for research, professional development, and travel.

But being a biologist is more complicated than it seems. This subject requires a lot of knowledge and effort to master. However, there are many biology courses that can help you learn the basics, which can help you in your journey to becoming a biologist.

1. Biology Everywhere Specialization


The Biology Everywhere Specialization course examines different biological concepts and relates them to some real-world issues, such as cells, evolution, and different ecosystems.

Although biology is a broad field of study that includes many different topics, it also has material you can relate to your daily experiences. From genetics to ecology, this course can help you understand how biology affects you on a day-to-day basis.

InstructorThe University of Colorado Boulder (Online)
Duration5 months
CertificationCertificate of completion

2. Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life


Life. It’s beautiful, yet mysterious. We don’t know how it all started, but we can feel and understand the experience of living. The Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life course explores living cells in a human body and how they work together to create life.

It touches on everything from DNA, RNA, cell division, reproduction, to genetics. DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the basic unit of life, and RNA is one of the many molecules involved in making up a living cell. DNA carries the instructions for how to make proteins and other molecules that are essential for life. Learn this and the molecular tools to study biology.

InstructorMassachusetts Institute of Technology Online (MITx)
Duration16 weeks
PrerequisitesHigh school level biology and chemistry are recommended. A desire to learn is required.

3. Contemporary Biology


This course is an introduction to biology as it applies to our everyday life. In this course, you will learn about basic biology and its importance in different aspects of your life. You will also learn how the human body works and how it’s designed to operate efficiently.

Eukaryotic cells are organisms that contain a nucleus and organelles. These cells exist in all living organisms. DNA is the central molecule that allows life to exist and is composed of a double helix of A, T, G, and C. The Contemporary Biology course covers topics like cell division, heredity, and energy transfer.

InstructorThe University of North Texas (Online)
Duration10 hours
CertificationCertificate of completion

Biology Courses – Become a Biologist

Biology is not just about the study of living organisms; it’s also about understanding how these organisms came to be and how they survive within their environment.

There are many different areas of study in biology, and those who choose to pursue the subject often have a wide range of career options. What an individual does with his or her degree depends on their own interests and skills.

Biologists have a broad range of responsibilities. As individuals, they conduct research and development in the field of biology. They also work to develop new technologies and methods for biologists both inside and outside the field of biology.

If you want to study biology and make a difference in the world, here are biology courses you can take as your guide to becoming a biologist.